About the CJB

A short introduction to the CJB

CJB stands for Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands, a marxist-leninist political youth organisation. We were founded in september 2003 as an independent continuation of the NCPN-Youth, a platform inside the New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN). We are politically and ideologically allied to the NCPN. We are mainly active organising working, unemployed and studying youth in the trade-unions, studentunions, and community platforms. Besides that we take part in the broad anti-fascist / anti-racist movement against both the populist and traditional extreme-right.

Since 2003 our organisation has been growing steadily, with branches in several of the major cities of our country. In the past years we have participated in several international events, such as the annual Meetings of European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO). The CJB is also in the process of becoming a full member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, an international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist youth federation which unites progressive and left-wing youth organizations all over the world.

Contact information

CJB National Secretariat

+31 621 637 721
Haarlemmerweg 177, 1051 LB, Amsterdam

CJB International Bureau


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KNE Festival Odigitis: contribution by the CJB ‘Exchange of experience from the struggles of youth in our countries’

The CJB was present at the yearly festival organised by the “Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)”. The festival of KNE-Odigitis (Odigitis being the monthly magazine of the KNE) is the biggest yearly cultural festival in Greece, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of people. During the festival the KNE organised an international seminar where delegates of communist and anti-imperialist youth organisations from all over the world could exchange their experiences, under the slogan: “Exchange of experience from the struggles of youth in our countries”. In this article you will find the contribution of the CJB at the seminar.

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On the question of power

Contribution of the CJB for the 13th “Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations” (MECYO) in Istanbul. Contribution for Conference: “100 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution we hold high the flag of October! We strengthen the youth struggle in...

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