Joining the CJB

Anyone between the age of 15 and 35 who agrees with the positions of the CJB can apply to become a member. However, it is not possible to become a member (with all the rights and obligations that entails) immediately, as a formality requiring no further effort either from you or from us. Joining a communist organisation is a serious commitment for an aspiring member, and a serious responsibility for those who are already members to help them in their unfolding political activity.

However, the CJB is not an “elite” organisation that is difficult to join even for those who are serious. After all, communists do not fall from the sky, perfectly developed. Rather, the CJB is a school for young people to become communists. The CJB does not have “paper” (inactive) members; we want to activate our members in the struggle and educate them as communists. Therefore, joining the CJB is not a formality, but a process.


For our membership administration, and to start the process of becoming a member, you can fill out the contact form on our website and indicate that you want to become a member. You can apply under the following conditions:

  • You are 15-35 years old.
  • You agree with our declaration of principles and accept the rights and obligations in our charter.
  • You are not a member of another political youth organisation or a political party other than the NCPN. Exceptions can be discussed, e.g. for progressive organisations in the Netherlands or foreign communist parties/youth, if you inform us in advance.
  • You are prepared to pay the membership dues of €24 per year.

You will be contacted by a representative of the CJB (if you do not have a contact person already) and they will invite you to a one-on-one introductory meeting. Note that this is not a job interview where you must answer questions; it is just as much a chance for you to ask questions about the CJB, to learn about our activities and positions. However, we would like to know a few things about your background (personally and politically), your motivation to join us, what you would like to contribute to our work, your basic political positions, etc.

We will keep in touch with you about your membership status and how to become involved in activities of the CJB.