Dear comrades,

On the occasion of the 10th Congress of the Collectives of Communist Youth (CJC), which is to be held on March 1-3 in Madrid, we send you warm comradely greetings from the Dutch communists.

It becomes increasingly clear that the recovery of the capitalist economy that we see in many countries in the last years is only temporary. The recovery concerns the profits of the capitalists, while the measures taken in the previous years that dissolved social and political rights are maintained. At the same time, the conflicting interests between imperialist powers are intensifying and the threat of imperialist wars is real. In these circumstances, the struggle to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism-communism is highly necessary. Only on this path can the working people improve their social conditions. The communist youth organisations have an important duty, together with the communist parties, to organise the people in this direction. Therefore, the slogan of your Congress is relevant: “Una organización para que suena presente la palabra revolución” (One organisation to make the word revolution sound in present).

Every communist youth organisation operates in different conditions and faces different challenges. We are nevertheless convinced that the communist youth organisations can and must learn from each other’s experiences, in order to improve their practice and strengthen each other. This exchange of experiences and positions is done in all kinds of international events, most notably in the framework of the Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO) to which both the CJC and the CJB contribute.

In the spirit of proletarian solidarity and internationalism, the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands wishes great success to your Congress and to the activities of the CJC in the coming years. With a revolutionary attitude and by continuously studying scientifically the specific conditions in which we operate, we will be able to overcome difficulties and build up the revolutionary youth organisations and parties. The youth is the future and it deserves nothing less than a society without unemployment, poverty and wars, a society without exploitation of man by man.



International Bureau
Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands