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The recent revelations of transgressive behavior at The Voice of Holland

There is a lot of commotion amongst the Dutch people concerning the recent revelations about transgressive behavior within the television program The Voice of Holland. Important and influential figures in the media sector, including Jeroen Rietbergen, Martijn Nieman, Marco Borsato and Ali B, were accused of sexually transgressive behavior towards female (and in some cases underage) candidates of the program. This behavior occurred throughout the entire duration of the program. The backlash is justified, but the revelations do not surprise us.

New years greeting NCPN and CJB

We want to wish all workers a good and militant 2022. It will be a year in which the solidarity between, and the struggle of, the working class will be even more important than it was in the past. The signs of an oncoming capitalist crisis were already showing, but Covid-19 has accelerated this process greatly. In 2022 we will continue to feel its effects. Right now, the blow of the crisis is softened by our government’s measures that are designed to subsidize businesses and keep purchasing power stable. The rising levels of inflation are a sign that these measures have reached their limit. We can expect that, once again, the working class will be made to pay the bill of this crisis.

About the developments regarding the pandemic, the new measures and the discussion on 2g

Once again, thousands of people are suffering from the consequences of a corona infection, hospitals are overloaded and regular healthcare is being scaled down with major consequences for all people who desperately need this care. The ongoing pandemic and its effects on social life are also having a major impact on the mental health of many people. The government is again introducing half-hearted measures that mainly affect leisure activities and above all have the aim to ensure that big corporations continue to profit. At the same time, the government is shrugging off its own responsibility under the guise of our ‘individual responsibility’, and fuels the discussion on ‘2G’ as another bogus solution of a government that refuses to fight the pandemic effectively.

Solidarity declaration regarding destructive fires in Southern Europe

While the deadly floods in Western Europe are still fresh in our minds, we have in recent weeks seen the disturbing images of the catastrophic fires in Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Italy, other countries in Southern Europe, and elsewhere in the world. As a result of the fires, multiple people have lost their lives, many houses have burned down, and large pieces of nature have been destroyed. As the wildfires continue, people in several of these countries are also facing devastating floods, which have even claimed dozens of lives in Turkey.

Stop the Israeli aggression! Free Palestine!

The NCPN and CJB denounce the Israeli aggression which has intensified once more over the past few weeks. Among other attacks, there were Israeli shootings in Jerusalem on Palestinian civilians, who resisted another eviction of Palestinian families. Moreover, airstrikes are carried out on Gaza in which tens of people, nine children among them, have died.