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Anton de Kom: Surinamese, resistance fighter, communist

Anton de Kom was born on the 22nd of February 1898 in Suriname. He was born into a family of 6 children – 3 girls and 3 boys. His parents encouraged him to study and he spent his youth musing over many books. His first job was at the Balata Compagnie, where already he was exposed to much injustice and exploitation. Through Haiti he went to the Netherlands, where he arrived on the 1st of November 1920. Here he met his wife to be, who would bear them four children. In 1933 he returned to Suriname, but got arrested within a month and was banished to the Netherlands by the colonial authorities. Upon the Nazi occupation, he joined the Dutch resistance. On the 7th of August, he was captured by the Nazis and wheeled off to a concentration camp. There he met his end on the 24th of April 1945, succumbing to tuberculosis. The work by which Anton the Kom is best known nowadays is his book ‘We Slaves of Suriname’.

Declaration about the upcoming elections

The elections will be held on the 15th,16th and 17th of March, during a difficult time for workers, the unemployed, the retired, and students of the working class. The pandemic and failing government policy have had a big impact on our lives. Furthermore, we find ourselves in a deep capitalist economic crisis that has resulted in many people losing their jobs or incomes. There are numerous other issues people are rightfully worried about as well, such as increasing poverty, the deconstruction of social welfare, climate change, the emancipation of women and minorities, increasing contradictions between imperialist powers and the threat of new imperialist wars and interventions.

Stop the repression in India!

The New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN) and the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands (CJB) condemn the increasing repression in India by the reactionary BJP-led government. In recent months, the government has brutally repressed the farmers’ protests, who are heroically fighting against new legislation that would ruin their livelihoods in favour of big capital.

Declaration NCPN and CJB about the allowances scandal and the fall of the third Rutte cabinet

Yesterday (Friday 15th of January) Prime Minister Rutte handed over the resignation of the government to the king – only two months before the elections for the House of Representatives will take place. The fall of the cabinet was triggered by the so-called “allowances affair” (toeslagenaffaire), although we can better speak of a terrible scandal.

200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels

On the 28th of November 1820, 200 years ago, the great revolutionary Friedrich Engels was born. Together with Karl Marx, he laid the foundations for scientific socialism and played an important role in the creation and development of the international communist movement.