Apologies University and Hogeschool Utrecht for excluding CJB from introduction period

Last year, on false pretences, the Dutch Communist Youth Movement (CJB) was excluded from the introduction period for students in Utrecht. Meanwhile, the Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT), Utrecht University (UU) and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) have evaluated the decision and apologized to CJB. This year the CJB will be present at the introduction period.

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Hands off the Communist Party of Venezuela!

The Venezuelan government is stepping up its attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). In an attempt to declare the PCV illegal, the Supreme Court made the unlawful decision to appoint a new leadership consisting of people controlled by the social democratic PSUV government who are not PCV members. The NCPN and CJB have sent the solidarity message below to the PCV, in a video message recorded during the CJB summer camp.

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