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About the developments regarding the pandemic, the new measures and the discussion on 2g

Once again, thousands of people are suffering from the consequences of a corona infection, hospitals are overloaded and regular healthcare is being scaled down with major consequences for all people who desperately need this care. The ongoing pandemic and its effects on social life are also having a major impact on the mental health of many people. The government is again introducing half-hearted measures that mainly affect leisure activities and above all have the aim to ensure that big corporations continue to profit. At the same time, the government is shrugging off its own responsibility under the guise of our ‘individual responsibility’, and fuels the discussion on ‘2G’ as another bogus solution of a government that refuses to fight the pandemic effectively.

Lessons from the October Revolution and the struggle of the Bolsheviks for today

A hundred years have passed since the October Revolution in Russia, where in 1917 the working class succeeded for the first time in taking matters into their own hands and laying the foundations for the construction of socialism. The reason that we commemorate the October Revolution today and that the NCPN and CJB have organized similar events across the country, is not only because it is important from a historical point of view, but also because we are convinced that the October Revolution can provide lessons that are still relevant today.

Bad in theory, bad in practice: anti-communism versus the labour and popular movements

On behalf of the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands, I would like to thank the Communist Youth of Turkey for organising today’s seminar, and for the selection of the topic of anti-communism. We consider this a subject of the utmost importance. In our daily work, one of the most dangerous illusions one could foster is the idea that anti-communism is no longer a threat, because the youth in the Netherlands and the rest of the Western world are no longer being raised in the Cold War mindset. We risk deluding ourselves into thinking that this automatically makes them more receptive towards class consciousness, or at least less prejudiced towards us.