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The recent revelations of transgressive behavior at The Voice of Holland

There is a lot of commotion amongst the Dutch people concerning the recent revelations about transgressive behavior within the television program The Voice of Holland. Important and influential figures in the media sector, including Jeroen Rietbergen, Martijn Nieman, Marco Borsato and Ali B, were accused of sexually transgressive behavior towards female (and in some cases underage) candidates of the program. This behavior occurred throughout the entire duration of the program. The backlash is justified, but the revelations do not surprise us.

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Hands off the Communist Party of Venezuela!

The Venezuelan government is stepping up its attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). In an attempt to declare the PCV illegal, the Supreme Court made the unlawful decision to appoint a new leadership consisting of people controlled by the social democratic PSUV government who are not PCV members. The NCPN and CJB have sent the solidarity message below to the PCV, in a video message recorded during the CJB summer camp.

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Greek Communist Youth (KNE) again largest in student elections

On 10 May, Greece held elections at universities across the country for student councils. In these elections, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) managed to win a significant victory. KNE’s list, ‘Panspoudastiki KS’ (All Student Cooperation Movement), became the largest for the second year in a row, with 35.15% of the votes. ‘Panspoudastiki KS’ thereby strengthened its position compared to last year, with more votes in both absolute numbers and percentage.

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