International Commission

The NCPN and CJB declare their solidarity with the peoples of Turkey and Syria after a devastating earthquake hit their countries today. We grieve together with those who have lost family members, friends and others in this horrific disaster, many of whom also reside in the Netherlands. Quick action needs to be taken so that no more lives are unnecessarily lost.

We salute our heroic comrades from the TKP who immediately came to the aid of their countrymen. As we have seen with many disasters, a system which values profit over the lives of the peoples never provides adequate help to those that fall victim to these disasters. Neither do the capitalists care to provide proper prevention to safeguard peoples lives from these disasters. Science is not adequately used for these purposes. Heroic rescue workers are often not adequately equipped and rescue services are underfunded. Whilst natural disasters cannot be controlled, our prevention and response can be and should be of the highest priority. Stop funds for imperialist wars and the profits of the capitalists – the people needs should be fulfilled.