Dear comrades,


The Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands wishes success to the 12th Congress of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), which will take place from the 15th until the 17th of February in Athens, and sends warm comradely greetings from the communists in the Netherlands.

It remains very important nowadays that the communist parties and their youth organisations grow stronger. The bourgeois politicians and media may rejoice and promote the economic recovery that is noted in many countries in the last years, but they cannot conceal that the contradictions of capitalism are in fact intensifying. The recovery concerns only the profits of the capitalists. The measures taken in the previous years that abolished many social and political rights are maintained and even extended. It becomes increasingly clear that the capitalist economic recovery is weak and that it is only temporary. At the same time, the antagonisms between imperialist powers that struggle over the control of natural recourses, transportation routes and markets are intensifying. The threat of imperialist wars is real.

These conditions show the necessity of the struggle to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism-communism. Only in this direction can the struggle of the working people bring significant improvements of the living conditions. Together with the communist parties, the communist youth organisations have to organise the people in this direction.

There are differences in the conditions in which we operate and the challenges that we face, but the communist youth organisations can learn a lot from each other’s experiences. International collaboration in the communist movement is not only important, but indispensable in order to strengthen each other and to improve our practice and our strategy. This exchange of experiences and positions is done in various international events, most notably in the framework of the Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO), which was hosted by the KNE last year. We would like to note the important efforts of the KNE to the international collaboration of communist youth organisations, amongst others with the international activities that are held in the framework of the yearly Festival of KNE-Odigitis.

The young communists in every country will be able to overcome difficulties and strengthen their youth organisations and parties with revolutionary spirit, with the values of proletarian solidarity and internationalism and with constant scientific study of the specific conditions in which we operate and the challenges that we face. We struggle for a society without wars, poverty, unemployment and exploitation. A society “worthy of our dreams and worthy of our people”, as the slogan for your 12th Congress notes.



International Bureau
Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands (CJB)