International Bureau

The CJB has sent the following message to the Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP) on the occasion of its 12h Congress.

Dear comrades,

On the occasion of the 12th Congress of the Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP), which is to be held from the 14th till the 15th of May in Vila Franca de Xira, we send you comradely greetings from the communists of the Netherlands.

It remains of absolute importance for the communist youth organizations in Europe to create the conditions for the organization of the young workers and students. The contradictions of capitalism in its imperialist stage show themselves at full strength. The pandemic aggravated the capitalist economic crisis, and its consequences once again affect the youth by creating unemployment, increasing exploitation etc. These circumstances necessitate a strong communist party and youth organization that are able to advance the struggle against capitalist barbarism. The slogan of your congress “O Futuro tem Partido! – Liberdade, Democracia, Socialismo” (“The Future has a Party! – Freedom, Democracy, Socialism”) highlights this need. The struggle of the European youth must be to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism-communism. Only in this direction can the struggle of the working people bring significant improvements of the living conditions.

The different communist youth organizations in Europe experience different material conditions and face particular challenges. We are nevertheless convinced that these organizations can and must learn from each other’s experiences, in order to improve their practice and strengthen each other. The Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO), to which both the JCP and the CJB contribute, are important for this exchange of experiences on the basis of Marxism-Leninism.

In the spirit of proletarian solidarity and internationalism, the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands wishes great success with the 12th Congress of the JCP. With dedication we can sharpen the class struggle and organize the youth in the struggle against the pandemic and the capitalist economic crisis, and to achieve socialism-communism.

International Bureau of the CJB

Comrade Job Pruijser, CC member of the NCPN and former ANJV cadre, in Portugal during the Carnation Revolution of 1975 (today 47 years ago). He was there with a solidarity brigade from the Netherlands organized by the ANJV (our predecessor) and the JCP.

“We are giving the young dutch comrades this experience during their visit and hopefully our dilligence and determination back to their own country to use in their own struggle. After all, they fight the same capitalist enemy that wants to exterminate the flame of our revolution.”

JCP’s message to the dutch comrades of the ANJV in 1975

Together they helped a starting agricultural co-op, expropriated from big landowners, to bring in the harvest during far reaching agricultural reforms.